Pharmacy Costs Work Group – Model Legislation

NASHP, with guidance from our Pharmacy Costs Work Group, has developed model legislation for states that wish to pursue the policy options outlined in our paper States and the Rising Costs of Pharmaceuticals: A Call to Action. States interested in this model legislation will have access to a legislator’s guide and additional background materials as they become available. Please contact if you wish to receive this state-only material.

Model Transparency Legislation
This model legislation is for states that wish to take a comprehensive approach to unlock the black box of prescription drug pricing and increase consumer awareness.

Read the model legislation here
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Model Importation Legislation
The Work Group have developed a wholesale drug importation program that would ensure safety, cost savings, and meet the major federal law criteria that the HHS Secretary must certify in order for a program to move forward.

Read the model legislation here
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Rate Setting Model
NASHP released the third in a series of policy options that states can use to manage prescription drug costs. This newest approach, a rate setting model, comes from the recommendations of the NASHP Pharmacy Costs Work Group. The rate setting model is a hybrid of two traditional state roles and experience. The drug rate setting approach builds on state health care payment rate setting for Medicaid and state employee health programs, as well as states’ long history regulating public utilities.

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