• Maryland Lawmakers Submit Drug Cost Review Bill Based on NASHP’s Model Legislation

    ANNAPOLIS — State lawmakers have introduced a bill that empowers Maryland to regulate prescription drug costs by evaluating the affordability of certain drugs and imposing limits on what the state and commercial health plans will pay for them. Based on model legislation created by NASHP, the proposed bill establishes a Drug Cost Review Commission and an advisory board to closely evaluate drug prices to determine if rate-setting oversight is needed based on a drug’s cost and affordability. Read more.

  • Learn the Latest in 2018 State Legislative Action to Control Rx Drug Costs

    As the 2018 state legislative session begins, NASHP is continuing to track state legislative action to control pharmaceutical costs. Last year, states introduced dozens of bills to curb costs, and the trend is continuing. NASHP’s Center for State Rx Drug Costs has produced a series of maps and charts summarizing state legislative themes and actions. NASHP will continue to report on and track this legislation; visit the page often for updated information.

  • States Work to Improve Population Health Through Accountable Health Models

    To improve population health and advance prevention, many states are working across sectors to incorporate accountable health structures into their health system transformation efforts, providing a framework to address health-related social needs. NASHP convened state health officials to discuss strategies for leveraging these models, determining return on investment, and opportunities for developing sustainable funding approaches. Read more.
  • Utah State Legislator Introduces Bill to Import Prescription Drugs from Canada, Based on NASHP Model Legislation

    Salt Lake City, Utah: On January 11th, Republican state legislator Norman Thurston introduced groundbreaking legislation to create a safe, state-run prescription drug importation program that would import high-cost drugs from Canada, where prescription drugs cost 30 percent less than in the United States. Read more.

  • Children’s Health Insurance Resources

    Through Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), states and the nation have made substantial progress in covering children and improving their access to quality health care supporting healthy growth and development. With ongoing funding from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, NASHP has supported, analyzed, and reported on state efforts to extend children’s coverage since the CHIP program’s inception, building on our longstanding work on Medicaid. NASHP supports active state-to-state exchange and collaborative learning by regularly convening state officials working on children’s coverage issues. View resources here.


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