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  • How Supported Employment Can Address Mental Health Inequities in Minority Populations: Five States’ Experiences

    Supported employment is used to help people with severe mental illness and other disabilities obtain and retain jobs. As states increasingly promote employment among public assistance recipients, could this model be expanded to new populations, including those with more common mental disorders or racial or ethnic groups who face health disparities? In this report, NASHP […]

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  • The purpose of this report is to alert public and private decision makers who are engaged in the health reform debate to the special circumstances facing low-income children with disabilities. These children require more care, different and specialized care, and more costly care than children without disabilities. Some benefit greatly from many of the services […]

  • There are scores of federal programs for persons with disabilities. The National Academy for State Health Policy has prepared the Guide to Federal Programs for Persons with Disabilities as a resource for federal and state policy makers. The guide offers an overview of 129 programs. The primary source of information for the Guide was the […]

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  • The question of how state and national health reforms affect people with disabilities was raised to public consciousness by the 1992 rejection by the Federal government of Oregon’s request to revise its Medicaid program on the grounds that the proposal might violate the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In subsequently granting the request in March […]

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  • This study presents a summary of each state’s regulatory, licensure, and payment policies for adult foster care within its array of long term services and supports.  It also examines the influence of state Nurse Practice Acts on the scope of services available in adult foster care and  identifies policy considerations for state officials who are […]

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  • This issue brief is an analysis of the experience of Nursing Facility Transition (NFT) grantees for 2002 and 2003. The analysis covers 33 NFT grantees (10 Independent Living Centers and 23 states).   CLE_nursing_facility_transition.pdf 1.4 MB  

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  • This primer describes the basic components of the Medicaid program. It is not a technical manual. Presented in a concise question and answer format, this document explains many of the features of what can be a complicated program. It is intended to be used to help housing agencies work with Money Follows the Person Demonstration […]

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  • Rising demand for a full array of service options and consumer preferences for home-like non-institutional settings is increasing the interest among state policy makers in adult foster care as a service for older adults. Although adult foster care may also serve individuals with developmental disabilities and other populations, the primary focus of this report is […]

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