• New work group and paper on Rx drug costs

    Prescription drug prices have never been far from the minds of state officials but never more so than today. A new paper, States and Prescription Drugs: An Overview of State Programs to Rein in Costs, summarizes the many activities states now pursue to lower costs. This paper will form the starting point for our new  work group. This Work Group will include officials from the executive and legislative branches of state governments and will examine the many roles states play – as purchaser, policymaker, regulator and investor – to identify new and emerging strategies that may have promise to reduce costs. This is a one year project funded in part by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation whose support made possible States and Prescription Drugs: An Overview of State Programs to Reign in Costs, and by the Kaiser Permanente Foundation. Membership of the work group is nearly complete and will be announced shortly. Read the full paper here.

  • Gobeille v. Liberty Mutual: Defeat for State All-Payers Claims Database

    In a 6-2 decision released today, the U.S. Supreme Court has dealt a blow to state all- payer claims databases. By upholding a lower court’s decision, the Court ruled that states may no longer require self funded plans to submit claims data – that action is preempted by ERISA. In its decision in Gobeille v. Liberty Mutual, the Court was unpersuaded by the arguments presented by Vermont and the eleven amicus briefs filed in support of that state’s position. Indeed the Court concluded that “[P]reemption is necessary to prevent States from imposing novel, inconsistent and burdensome reporting requirements on plans.”

  • New Brief: Managed Care for Medicaid Dental Services: Insights from Kentucky

    A growing number of states are administering Medicaid managed care contracts that include both medical and dental services. In 2015, Kentucky identified dental services as one of seven key areas where the state wanted to achieve measurable improvement in its Medicaid managed care contracts. This case study examines the history of dental managed care in Kentucky and highlights lessons that may inform other states’ work.

  • State of the State: New Chart Summarizes Main Health Themes of 2016 Governor Speeches

    Each year, governors use their “State of the State” speeches to highlight recent policy successes and outline key plans and issue areas of focus for the coming year. This new NASHP chart summarizes the main health-related themes from governors’ 2016 speeches, which include topics such as behavioral health, Medicaid and Medicaid expansion, state health care costs and other issues.


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