The Wisconsin ABCD Screening Academy Project built on existing initiatives and develop statewide training and technical assistance strategies to educate healthcare providers on the integrating of validated, objective screening tools into primary care practices.  Many of these plans were incorporated into the state-wide implementation of BadgerCare+, an effort to expand coverage through a redesign of the state Medicaid program.

Specifically, the ABCD Screening Academy activities in Wisconsin included:

  • Supporting improvements in screening practices by developing a screening website for providers, families and other stakeholders seeking to improve the quality of pediatric care. 
  • Sustaining and spreading improvements through the creation of an inventory of what professionals are using recommedned screening tools and seeking ongoing funding opportunities such as the CDC’s National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD) Research Topic of Interest (RTOI) grant for additional assistance in training family physicians on integrating screening into well child care. 
Title Description Date Published Activity
Description of Wisconsin Division of Public Health- DHFS Developmental Screening Survey (Wisconsin DHFS) This resource provides a description of the Wisconsin survey designed to identify what methods primary care providers in Wisconsin are using to assess child development. December 2007 Gauging Success: Measurement and Evaluation
Questions for Wisconsin Division of Public Health- DHFS Developmental Screening Survey

(Wisconsin DHFS) This survey was developed to collect information on the use of developmental screening in clinical practice by Wisconsin primary care providers.

December 2007 Gauging Success: Measurement and Evaluation
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