Will Medicare Join State Multi-Payer Medical Home Initiatives? A Conversation with States Regarding Medicare’s Proposed Advanced Primary Care Demonstration

For the 10 or more states that are active stakeholders in multi-payer medical home initiatives, the promise of Medicare getting in the sandbox with them and playing (a.k.a. paying) is an exciting proposition. The addition of Medicare as payer to some of these state initiatives may be the critical tipping point that results in widespread primary care delivery system reform in states by involving more practices, payers and patients. During this webcast, NASHP facilitated a discussion among states with multi-payer initiatives underway or in development to see how they measured up against Medicare’s proposed Advanced Primary Care demonstration criteria. Opportunities for questions and answers from webcasts participants were provided.


Ben Steffen, Director, Information Services and Analysi, Maryland Health Care Commission
Catherine Harrison, Project Manager, Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Service
Jeff Schiff, Medical Director for Minnesota Health Care Programs
Julie Schilz, Manager, Improving Performance in Practice Program and Colorado Multi-Stakeholder Patient
Lisa Dulsky Watkins, MD,, Assistant Director, Vermont Blueprint for Health
Lisa Letourneau, Executive Director, Maine Quality Counts
Mary Takach, Program Director, NASHP
Phil Magistro, Deputy Directo, Pennsylvania Governor’s Office of Health Care Reform



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