The ABCD project in Washington used multiple approaches to facilitate improvement in the provision of early child health and development services.  Through pilot efforts in three counties and a statewide initiative, the project focused on linking existing developmental health services for children and families, improving EPSDT screening rates, reviewing and promoting the use of developmental screening tools, and enhancing provider training and parent education.  A number of structural and process changes showed promise for improving the delivery of well-child care and developmental surveillance to children in Washington State communities.


Title Description Date Published Activity
Infant Toddler Early Intervention Program (ITEIP) Website (Washington State Department of Social and Health Resources) This Early Intervention website provides useful information on appropriate developmental milestones as well as services available to parents and providers. December 2007 Spreading Results
Early Childhood Assessment Clinic (Washington ABCD I Project: Whatcom County Health Department) This letter was provided to parents whose children had been screened at the Early Childhood Assessment Clinic using the Ages and Stages Questionnaire. It outlines relevant results and referral resource options. August 2002 Addressing Needs
Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) Procedures (Washington ABCD I Project: Whatcom County Bright Futures) This flowchart was used in ABCD pilots to assist in implementing and integrating the Ages and States Questionnaire (ASQ).  August 2002 Testing Models


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