As the result of the Utah ABCD II project, there has been an increase in screening for social emotional delay, maternal depression, and recognition of the need to improve relations between and among providers, an increase in new collaborative projects and improved care coordination and communication. This success is a direct result of the goal to bring partners to the table and focus on existing projects rather than creating something new. Learning collaboratives offered the opportunity to not only teach quality improvement but engage in direct improvement from the administrative side.


Title Description Date Published Activity
Screening and Prevention Web Page (Utah Medical Home Portal: Tab for Physicians and Professionals) This website provides clinicians with information and resources about best practices in screening and treatment for developmental delays. It explains that the use of an objective screening tool is encouraged for EPSDT screens. January 2009 Improving Policy
Enhancing Utah’s Capacity to Support Children’s Healthy Mental Development (Lori Smith; Salt Lake City, UT: Utah Department of Health) This report summarizes findings related to system capacity in Utah. Completed yearly, this assessment consists of a survey tool designed to review and determine the number of professionals qualified to provide services to infants and toddlers from birth to age three. March 2007 Addressing Needs
Utah Medhome Portal (Utah Medhome) This website was developed during the ABCD initiative in Utah. It provides information, tools, and resources to aid Primary Care Physicians in caring for Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) and providing a Medical Home for all of their patients. (From Website.) December 2006 Spreading Results
Flowchart for the Use of the Edinburgh Screening Tool (Joe Cramer: Utah ABCD Project) This flowchart details the appropriate process for implementation of the Edinburgh screening tool within a well-child visit. December 2006 Improving Policy
Maternal Depression Resources, Salt Lake County

(Utah ABCD Project) This resource is a sample matrix of the maternal depression resources available in Salt Lake County during the Maternal Depression Learning Collaborative.

December 2006 Addressing Needs
Practice Screening Tool Usage Survey (UPIQ) Survey of practice screening tool usage. December 2006 Gauging Success: Measurement and Evaluation
Community Based Resources by County

(Julie Olson: UPIQ). A list of community based resources in Utah by county.

December 2006 Addressing Needs
Conference Call Guidelines for UPIQ Collaborative Members

(UPIQ) Guidelines for collaborative conference calls with UPIQ Learning Collaborative members.

December 2006 Improving Policy
Child Health Evaluation and Care (CHEC) Medicaid Provider Manual Maternal Depression Screening Update (Utah ABCD Project: Utah Medicaid) This resource is a page in the Utah CHEC Medicaid provider manual that was updated to reflect policy improvements related to Maternal Depression Screening. July 2006 Improving Policy
Utah Medicaid Provider Manual, CHEC Services (Utah Department of Health) This section of the Medicaid Provider Manual describes Utah’s Child Health Evaluation and Care (CHEC) program.   July 2006 Improving Policy
What Doctors Should Know About: Early Head Start (Utah ABCD Project) Informational handout summarizing issues related to Early Head Start and suggesting options for advocacy, helping families and further information. December 2005 Addressing Needs
What Doctors Should Know About: Part C Early Intervention Programs

(Utah ABCD Project) Informational handout summarizing issues related to Part C Early Intervention Programs and suggesting options for advocacy, helping families and further information

December 2005 Addressing Needs
Assuring Better Child Development: Improving Services in Communities (Edward Schor: The Commonwealth Fund) A presentation by Edward Schor at the UPIQ Social Emotional Learning Collaborative held in Lehi, Utah, May 20, 2005 that provides information on the consequences of early childhood developmental problems and the value of early intervention. May 2005 Addressing Needs
Developmental Screening Practices and Autism Awareness of Utah’s Primary Care Physicians: 2004 Survey Results (Jennifer Chapman Lloyd et al.: Utah Department of Health; University of Utah School of Medicine) Results from a mail survey of Utah family physicians and pediatricians about developmental screening and referral practices, and autism spectrum disorder. April 2005 Gauging Success: Measurement and Evaluation
Developmental Screening Tools: Web Resources (UPIQ) List of web resources: screening tools and related web sites that providers can use to learn more about developmental screening. March 2005 Addressing Needs