Using Data to Drive State Improvement in Enrollment and Retention Performance

The Maximizing Enrollment program has worked intensively with eight states to help them increase their use of Medicaid and CHIP enrollment and retention data to monitor and improve their performance outcomes. This issue brief presents recommendations from Maximizing Enrollment and Mathematica Policy Research for twelve core measures that states may want to consider implementing as they plan for new eligibility and enrollment rules and systems to:

  • Monitor and improve their program’s performance
  • Track the results of eligibility policy changes,  including those related to the Affordable Care Act

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Catherine Hess, Managing Director, National Academy for State Health Policy; Co-Director, Maximizing Enrollment


Chris Trenholm, Senior Economist and Associate Director for Heath Research, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.

Rebecca Mendoza, Director, Division of Maternal and Child Health in the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services


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