Trends in Serving People with HIV/AIDS through Medicaid Managed Care

This report compares 1996 and 1998 survey data on states serving people with HIV/AIDS through risk-based Medicaid managed care. Looking at trends since 1996 is important because of the emergence of combination therapy – in which people take several drugs (including at least one protease inhibitor) to decrease their amount of active HIV – which has revolutionized treatment. HIV/AIDS is now considered a chronic disease. Medications have displaced hospitals and hospices to take “center stage” in treatment. Standards of care have continued their rapid pace of development, affecting a number of areas detailed throughout the report. While this survey cannot capture all program design details which could affect this population, it should provide a general understanding.

1999.Feb_.trends.serving.people.hiv_.aids_.medicaid.managed.care_.pdf 4.1 MB


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