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  • Crisis services for behavioral health emergencies have the potential for significant cost savings by reducing inpatient hospitalization and emergency department utilization and encouraging more appropriate use of community-based behavioral health services. Traditionally, individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis have been initially treated in a general hospital emergency department or admitted to a hospital and then […]

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  • Washington State has pursued multiple efforts to advance medical homes: Patient Centered Medical Home Pilot: Authority for Washington State’s multi-payer Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Pilot came in 2009 through Substitute Senate Bill 5891. This legislation directed the Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA) and the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) to develop, launch, […]

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  • Individuals and families began to explore options and enroll in coverage through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on October 1, 2013. States now have nine weeks of experience with open enrollment under their belts and can share early lessons learned in what worked and what did not, and managing the rough spots. During this Maximizing […]

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  • In Washington: There were a total of 1,182,587 beneficiaries enrolled in the state’s Medicaid program as of July 2011. Of these, 1,041,904 were enrolled in Washington’s Apple Health managed care program through one of eight commercial managed care organizations (MCOs). The Apple Health MCOs provide physical health services, while Medicaid dental services are offered on […]

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  • As states pursue payment and delivery reform to yield a more integrated delivery system, stronger connections between primary care and behavioral health care are essential. This webinar will explore challenges and opportunities to building linkages and care models that meet the needs of patients with physical and behavioral health care needs. It will also examine […]

  • Or Download Webinar Here Of the 22 million uninsured expected to gain coverage under the Affordable Care Act in 2014, more than 4 million projected to take-up coverage will have mental health or substance use disorders. On this webinar, after a brief overview of new data made available by SAMHSA, state and local officials and […]

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  • 2014 NASHP CHIP Fact Sheet – Washington 2012 NASHP CHIP Fact Sheet – Washington 2010 NASHP CHIP Fact Sheet – Washington 2008 NASHP CHIP Fact Sheet – Washington Additional States’ CHIP Fact Sheets… Adobe Acrobat .PDF printable versions of the Washington NASHP CHIP Fact Sheets Key Highlights: Program Type: Washington operates a separate CHIP program, […]

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  • In 2010, Chapter 220, Laws of 2010 RCW 70.54.420 directed the Washington Health Care Authority to “appoint a lead organization by January 1, 2011, to support at least one integrated health care delivery system and one network of nonintegrated community health care providers in establishing two distinct accountable care organization (ACO) pilot projects.” The Health […]

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  • By 2019, Medicaid is estimated to cover an additional 16 million of the most vulnerable Americans, significantly increasing the shape and size of the program. On this State Refor(u)m webinar, officials from three states will provide a closer look at what states are doing to prepare. Moderator: Sonya Schwartz, Program Director, National Academy for State […]

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  • This report reflects the discussion of nine states participating in “Transitioning to Managed Care: Medicaid Managed Care in Mental Health.” The symposium was funded by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and the federal Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA). 1997.Jun_.kaiser.hcfa_.transitioning.managed.care_.medicaid.mental.health.pdf 1.7 MB  

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