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  • States are keenly aware of the need to create more coherent and value-driven systems of care through improved payment and delivery systems. The accountable care organization (ACO) model has received increased attention as a mechanism to promote better value in health care spending. This report examines the development of the ACO model in seven states, […]

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  • As states assess the challenges and opportunities presented by federal health reform legislation, there is a natural tendency to focus on the most immediate issues, but it is equally important that states begin planning for the many aspects of implementation that occur in later years.  This State Health Policy Briefing identifies and describes ten aspects […]

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  • Federally funded community health centers connect 16 million people throughout the U.S. and its territories with primary health care services and form much of the fabric of the country’s health care safety net. Although the federal community health center program was initiated with very little state input and involvement more than 40 years ago, this […]

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  • In May 2006, the National Research Council/Institute of Medicine’s (NRC/IOM’s) Board on Children, Youth and Families (BCYF) convened the Committee on Adolescent Health Care Services and Models of Care for Treatment, Prevention, and Healthy Development. With funding from The Atlantic Philanthropies, the committee conducted a study of health services for adolescents ages 10-19 in the […]

  • This study presents a summary of each state’s regulatory, licensure, and payment policies for adult foster care within its array of long term services and supports.  It also examines the influence of state Nurse Practice Acts on the scope of services available in adult foster care and  identifies policy considerations for state officials who are […]

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  • State-based health reform will achieve much more if it occurs in the context of a national strategy. Expectations for state leadership in health reform have never been higher. States are thought to function as “laboratories of democracy,” but they do not fulfill this role effectively because insufficient attention is paid to experimentation and knowledge translation.  […]

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  • This report, published in October 2008, examines three states – Louisiana, New Mexico,  and   Oregon – to learn firsthand from state leaders, program administrators, policy makers, advocates, and community groups about the history, process, strategies, and lessons learned in advancing children’s coverage initiatives. While each state has a unique approach to advancing children’s coverage initiatives, […]

  • This is a summary brief of the paper Moving Beyond the Tug of War: Improving Medicaid Fiscal Integrity. The full paper presents options to improve the relationship between states and the federal government in financing Medicaid. It expands on the history of state financing mechanisms and federal responses by positing a new reality in which […]

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  • This paper breaks new ground in crafting options to improve the relationship between states and the federal government in financing Medicaid. The paper explores the greatly different perceptions of the problem from the state and federal perspectives, and lays out a framework to improve fiscal integrity so policy makers can save their administrative time and […]

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  • This brief summarizes state experience in creating and managing Pharmaceutical and Therapeutics (P&T) committees. The brief points out that states face critical issues in designing and implementing their efforts that range from the make-up of their P&T committees, to the way in which prior approval requests are submitted. medicaid_pandt.pdf 317.7 KB  

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