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  • The National Academy for State Health Policy identified ten leading state quality improvement partnerships – interrelated broad-based partnerships, mostly with public and private sector representation, which have long-term, statewide, systemic quality improvement strategic intent, and transparent agendas.  This State Health Policy Briefing summarizes results of NASHP’s full report examining these partnerships in Colorado, Kansas, Maine, […]

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  • This NASHP-led, Commonwealth Fund-supported report highlights ten leading state quality improvement partnerships, broad-based, public-private partnerships that strive for long-term, statewide, and systemic quality improvement. This report describes the state partnerships’ origins, internal processes, accomplishments, and lessons learned, as well as their five strategies for achieving quality improvement. The factors and policies that influence the 10 […]

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  • ORIGIN AND MISSION State health reform legislation (Enrolled House Bill 2009) was signed into law in June 2009.  This legislation establishes a broad entity, the Oregon Health Authority, to streamline state functions, one of which is to (via the Oregon Health Authority’s Policy Board) help set the state quality agenda in coordination with existing, external […]

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  • This paper, a product of the National Academy for State Health Policy’s Flood Tide Forum series, is designed to identify innovative strategies to improve care coordination for the chronically ill. It reviews data on the incidence and costs of chronic conditions, summarizes the literature on care coordination, and highlights state programs. care_coordination_forum.pdf 434.6 KB  

  • Poor access to oral health care and low utilization of oral health services by publicly insured people have been persistent problems that states and their Medicaid programs have grappled with for decades. However, there are groups of Medicaid enrollees – such as young children, pregnant women, people with developmental disabilities, and people living in rural […]

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  • Legislation authorizing the Oregon Patient Safety Commission was enacted in 2003. The Oregon Patient Safety Commission is a semi-independent state agency charged by the Oregon Legislature with reducing the risk of serious adverse events occurring in Oregon’s health care system and encouraging a culture of patient safety. The Commission operates a confidential, voluntary, adverse event […]

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  • Oregon’s ABCD III project, ABCD for Oregon’s Healthy Kids will build on a number of initiatives designed to promote the healthy development of children.  Specifically, Oregon Medicaid in collaboration with state, professional and community partners will use Medicaid’s quality improvement processes across systems that influence child development, with the goal of defining quality medical home […]

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