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  • Oregon Patient-Centered Primary Care Home (PCPCH) Program Chapter 595 of the 2009 Oregon Laws established the Oregon Patient-Centered Primary Care Home (PCPCH) Program within the Office for Oregon Health Policy and Research (OHPR). The law required OHPR to: Define core attributes of the patient centered primary care home; Establish a simple and uniform process to identify patient […]

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  • Public payers are moving to implement payment strategies that reward value in the health care system by linking payment to quality. This report—the third in a series supported by The Commonwealth Fund to explore opportunities for improvement in federal and state policy— highlights quality measurement strategies underpinning value-based purchasing initiatives at the federal and state […]

  • As states seek to improve quality of care and health outcomes while reducing costs, many have turned to accountable care models. One key aspect of accountable care models is that organizations or structures assume responsibility for the care and outcomes of a defined population across a continuum of care and across different parts of the […]

  • In Oregon: Medicaid services are delivered primarily through 16 Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs). The Oregon CCO is a network of all types of health care providers who have agreed to work together in their local communities to serve people who receive Medicaid coverage. (In Oregon Medicaid coverage is referred to as the Oregon Health Plan.) […]

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  • (As of April 2013) At a Glance A consolidated health purchasing authority, the Oregon Health Authority, houses both Medicaid and behavioral health services; the health authority’s Division of Medical Assistance Program is responsible for Medicaid behavioral health benefits. The authority’s Addictions and Mental Health Division maintains a statewide, coordinated Children’s Mental Health System, including a […]

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  • Around the country, models are emerging to link primary care providers not only to other medical service providers but also to resources and services in the community. This report—the first in a series supported by The Commonwealth Fund to explore opportunities for improvement in federal and state policy–highlights relevant policy levers and federal and state […]

  • 2014 NASHP CHIP Fact Sheet – Oregon 2012 NASHP CHIP Fact Sheet – Oregon 2010 NASHP CHIP Fact Sheet – Oregon 2008 NASHP CHIP Fact Sheet – Oregon Additional States’ CHIP Fact Sheets… Adobe Acrobat .PDF printable versions of the Oregon NASHP CHIP Fact Sheets Key Highlights: Program Type: Oregon operates a separate CHIP program, […]

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  • Through Assuring Better Child Health and Development (ABCD) III, Arkansas, Illinois, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Oregon have developed and tested models to improve care coordination for children with or at risk of developmental delay.  The medical home has been a key mechanism in their improvement efforts. This brief draws from these states’ experiences to outline opportunities […]

  • By Carla Plaza November 2012 If you build it will they come? If history repeats itself, they will, but not without intentional, focused efforts to reach, assist and enroll individuals and families into health care coverage. Prior to the enactment of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), very little emphasis was placed on marketing public health […]

  • In June of 2011, the Oregon Legislature enacted House Bill 3650, establishing the Oregon Integrated and Coordinated Health Care Delivery System. The system consists of a statewide network of Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) that provide integrated and coordinated health care for Oregon Health Plan enrollees. CCOs will operate under a fixed global budget, with quality […]

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