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  • NJ-HITEC will charge providers subsidized fees to sustain the REC, the (ARRA) EHR loan fund will provide working capital, and grants and donations will be sought from consultants, vendors, large providers, employers and payers. Refer to pages 165-173 of the state Strategic Plan.

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  • New Jersey’s HIE Strategic Plan offers a vision of government leadership and government coordination of the state’s health information exchange efforts.

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  • In 2004, the New Jersey Patient Safety Act (P.L. 2004, c9) was signed into law. The statute was designed to improve patient safety in hospitals and other health care facilities by establishing a medical error reporting system.  Events must be reported to the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services.  The system promotes comprehensive […]

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  • The New Jersey ABCD Screening Academy project developed and built on public and private partnerships to promote screening using the medical home model, and focused on improving linkages between primary care providers and existing referral resources. Specifically, the ABCD Screening Academy activities in New Jersey included: Negotiating a contract between New Jersey Health and Senior […]

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  • As treatment strategies for HIV/AIDS undergo rapid change, states struggle with the dual challenges of providing quality health care and containing costs. By June 1996, in an effort to meet those challenges, 35 states (including the District of Columbia) reported enrolling at least some people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHIV) in their risk-based Medicaid managed care […]

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