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  • The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) took an important first step toward increasing the  transparency of hospital finances when it required hospitals to post their charge information, effective January 2019. But, these charges are not prices paid — they are typically the starting point against which commercial payers negotiate discounts. States with all-payer […]

  • State Legislators Take Action to Protect Consumers from Surprise Billing

    Consumer out-of-pocket spending on health care costs, including “surprise” medical bills – often incurred for costly, out-of-network care — is on the rise and state lawmakers are responding with legislation to protect consumers. Surprise bills happen when consumers receive unexpected charges for medical care that they assumed would be comprehensively covered by their insurance plans. […]

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  • The NH Citizens Health Initiative has convened a multi-payer, multi-stakeholder medical home project since January 2008. Payments to pilot practices began on June 1, 2009, and ended on December 31, 2011. While Medicaid helped design the program, it did not join as a participating payer. Further information on the program is available online here. The NH […]

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  • As states seek to improve quality of care and health outcomes while reducing costs, many have turned to accountable care models. One key aspect of accountable care models is that organizations or structures assume responsibility for the care and outcomes of a defined population across a continuum of care and across different parts of the […]

  • In New Hampshire   In July of 2011 there were a total of 135,092 beneficiaries enrolled in New Hampshire’s Medicaid program, with none of these beneficiaries enrolled in managed care. However, beginning on December 1, 2013, the state transitioned from fee-for-service to a Medicaid care management program under a Section 1932(a) State Plan Amendment. Physical […]

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  • National media in recent months have featured the high and variable costs of common health care services. In this webinar you’ll hear from leaders in Virginia, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire on what they’ve done to address the issue and improve price transparency. In a recent report, Catalyst for Payment Reform (CPR) and the Health Care Incentives Improvement […]

  • 2014 NASHP CHIP Fact Sheet – New Hampshire  2012 NASHP CHIP Fact Sheet – New Hampshire  2010 NASHP CHIP Fact Sheet – New Hampshire  2008 NASHP CHIP Fact Sheet – New Hampshire  Additional States’ CHIP Fact Sheets… Adobe Acrobat .PDF printable versions of the New Hampshire NASHP CHIP Fact Sheets Key Highlights: Program Type: New Hampshire […]

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  • NASHP’s Accountable Care Activity map is a work in progress; state activity pages will be launched in waves throughout Fall 2012.   At this time, we have no information on accountable care activity that meets the following criteria: (1) Medicaid or CHIP agency participation (not necessarily leadership); (2) explicitly intended to advance accountable or integrated […]

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  • New Hampshire’s state government has not yet released a formal HIE Strategic Plan. A pre-ARRA planning document from the New Hampshire Citizens Health Initiative exists and presents options for the future of HIE in New Hampshire.

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  • In 2009, New Hampshire enacted legislation to require the reporting of 28 listed adverse events in hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers.  Beginning January 1, 2010, hospitals and surgical centers will be required to report to the Commissioner of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) when any of the 28 adverse events occur.  Deidentified […]

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