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  • Nevada’s Insurance Exchange Director Talks about Transitioning to a State-Based Marketplace and Saving Millions

    Nevada’s marketplace is poised to become the first to transition from the federal platform to an entirely state-run exchange. Its director explains how the move will save millions and improve residents’ health insurance. Under the Affordable Care Act, states can either administer their own health insurance marketplaces as state-based marketplaces (SBMs), or default to the federally-run marketplace. Nevada is one of […]

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  • Legal Challenges of Rx Drug Laws Passed in 2017 Will Shape States’ Future Cost Containment Legislation

    As the number of state bills to rein in prescription drug prices grows beyond 150 nationwide in 2018, the first generation of several state laws passed last year are now before the courts. The pharmaceutical industry has consistently challenged drug cost transparency and price gouging legislation passed in 2017 in federal courts. How well these […]

  • Searching for New Insurance Options, States Consider Medicaid Buy-In and Other Strategies

    Uncertainty about the future of health insurance options and concern about the ability of Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplaces to offer adequate competition and choice have spurred states to look for new coverage approaches. Among the innovative strategies states are proposing are allowing consumers to buy into state Medicaid programs and developing state-specific coverage options […]

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  • How States Can Avoid Dormant Commerce Clause Legal Challenges When Regulating Drug Costs

    New state laws designed to control the costs of brand-name and generic prescription drugs often face legal challenges from the pharmaceutical industry. These lawsuits can vary depending on the individual state law, but recent industry lawsuits analyzed by the National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP) share a common legal thread – drug manufacturers and […]

  • Federal Support: Nevada has received a planning grant from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to develop a state plan amendment to implement Section 2703 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), establishing health homes for Medicaid enrollees with chronic conditions. To learn more about Section 2703 Health Homes, visit the CMS Health Homes […]

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  • In Nevada: Physical health services are delivered through managed care organizations (MCOs) and on a fee-for-service basis.  The MCO program operates only in Clark County (Las Vegas) and urban Washoe County (Reno).  In these areas children and adults who qualify for Medicaid because they belong to an income-eligible family are required to enroll into one […]

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  • 2014 NASHP CHIP Fact Sheet – Nevada 2012 NASHP CHIP Fact Sheet – Nevada 2010 NASHP CHIP Fact Sheet – Nevada 2008 NASHP CHIP Fact Sheet – Nevada Additional States’ CHIP Fact Sheets… Adobe Acrobat .PDF printable versions of the Nevada NASHP CHIP Fact Sheets Key Highlights: Program Type: Nevada operates a combination CHIP program, […]

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  • NASHP’s Accountable Care Activity map is a work in progress; state activity pages will be launched in waves throughout Fall 2012.   At this time, we have no information on accountable care activity that meets the following criteria: (1) Medicaid or CHIP agency participation (not necessarily leadership); (2) explicitly intended to advance accountable or integrated […]

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  • Download the slides (PDF) The special behavioral health needs of older adults are a growing concern for state Medicaid programs. In meeting this challenge, states are frequently turning to existing state Medicaid options to provide cost effective, specialized services and supports for older adults with behavioral health needs. On this webinar, funded by the Substance […]

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  • No HIE Strategic Plan available yet.

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