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  • ORIGIN AND MISSION The Massachusetts Health Care Quality and Cost Council is mandated under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 6A and was established by Chapter 58 of the Acts of 2006. The council’s mission is to develop and coordinate the implementation of health care quality improvement goals that are intended to both lower or contain the […]

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  • As states like Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine continue to implement their health reforms, other states are also considering ambitious coverage expansions. Financing is a key concern. In the past, states interested in drawing down federal Medicaid funds to expand coverage had two primary mechanisms available to them: filing a state plan amendment using available optional […]

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  • This paper explores the components of care coordination and a sample of state initiatives that bridge the health and supportive systems. care_coordination.pdf 341.3 KB  

  • The Massachusetts Department of Public Health administers a mandatory reporting system for the reporting of incidents that seriously affect the health and safety of patients in hospitals. Note:  Massachusetts administers two mandatory reporting systems.  This toolbox features the system administered by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.  The alerts and advisories, however, are issued by […]

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  • As treatment strategies for HIV/AIDS undergo rapid change, states struggle with the dual challenges of providing quality health care and containing costs. By June 1996, in an effort to meet those challenges, 35 states (including the District of Columbia) reported enrolling at least some people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHIV) in their risk-based Medicaid managed care […]

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