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  • As states like Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine continue to implement their health reforms, other states are also considering ambitious coverage expansions. Financing is a key concern. In the past, states interested in drawing down federal Medicaid funds to expand coverage had two primary mechanisms available to them: filing a state plan amendment using available optional […]

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  • This paper explores the components of care coordination and a sample of state initiatives that bridge the health and supportive systems. care_coordination.pdf 341.3 KB  

  • This paper, a product of the National Academy for State Health Policy’s Flood Tide Forum series, is designed to identify innovative strategies to improve care coordination for the chronically ill. It reviews data on the incidence and costs of chronic conditions, summarizes the literature on care coordination, and highlights state programs. care_coordination_forum.pdf 434.6 KB  

  • Maine has established a system for reporting sentinel events for the purpose of improving the quality of health care and increasing patient safety.  Within one day of the occurrence of a sentinel event, facilities must call at Sentinel Event Hot Line.  Additional analysis and reporting follows the oral report.   Authorizing statutes or regulations Maine […]

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  • The Maine ABCD Screening Academy Project will focus on incorporating developmental screening and maternal depression screening into well child care. Maine will select pilot sites and offer the sites assessment tool training. Maine will assess the number of developmental assessments conducted in the pilot sites prior to implementation of the training and compile a list […]

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