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  • Thursday, August 22, 3:30 pm – 5 pm Long-term services and supports (LTSS) involve a range of community and institutional providers who deliver care to individuals in their homes, in institutions, and in community settings. The nature of these services — along with the need for cross-agency oversight, challenges in measuring quality, and coordinating care […]

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  • #NASHPCONF18: As the HIV Population Ages, States Redesign their Long-Term Services Programs

    People living with HIV (PLWH) are living longer due to advances in antiretroviral therapies and disease management. In 2016, 47 percent of PLWH in the United States were over age 50. This population often needs long-term services and supports at an earlier age due to increased risk of dementia, chronic illness, and the social isolation […]

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  • A recent addition to the array of long-term care services, assisted living combines the medical aspects of long-term care with a model of supported housing and social services. Definitions of asisted living vary and sometimes the services provided overlap with other models: board and care, personal care homes, residential care facilities, rest homes and others. […]

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  • The Study Group on Long Term Care Options in Maine is a group of interested citizens brought together by the National Academy for State Health Policy at the request of the UNUM Foundation to discuss how Maine provides long term care services to people in need. Because all of us could need long term care […]

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  • This study presents a summary of each state’s regulatory, licensure, and payment policies for adult foster care within its array of long term services and supports.  It also examines the influence of state Nurse Practice Acts on the scope of services available in adult foster care and  identifies policy considerations for state officials who are […]

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  • This report identifies numerous opportunities for strengthening the Medicaid program and enabling it to continue to play a critical role in the country’s health care system. The report draws upon the work of a group of experts with a broad range of experience in the Medicaid program. The report’s detailed recommendations identify opportunities for improvement […]

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  • This paper summarizes efforts in Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, and Washington to provide information to help consumers prepare and select assisted living residences. Checklists and consumer guides developed by these states are included in the appendix.   informing_assisted_living.pdf 154.6 KB  

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  • States, through the Medicaid program, are major purchasers of long-term care. Financed by the federal and state governments and administered by the states, Medicaid pays for over 40 percent of long-term care services nationwide. At the same time, long-term care for the elderly and persons with disabilities is the largest single component of Medicaid, averaging […]

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  • Rising demand for a full array of service options and consumer preferences for home-like non-institutional settings is increasing the interest among state policy makers in adult foster care as a service for older adults. Although adult foster care may also serve individuals with developmental disabilities and other populations, the primary focus of this report is […]

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