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  • States that control their own insurance marketplaces – called state-based marketplaces (SBMs) – are leaders in providing affordability and choice, outperforming the federal marketplace on notable markers including higher enrollment, lower premium rate hikes, more participating issuers, and successfully attracting a young consumer base. These accomplishments are especially notable given recent federal policy actions that […]

  • As states transform their health systems, many are turning to community health workers (CHWs) to improve health outcomes and access to care, address social determinants of health, and help control costs of care. While state definitions vary, CHWs are typically frontline workers who are trusted members of and/or have a unique and intimate understanding of […]

  • In the District of Columbia:   There were a total of 201,777 beneficiaries enrolled in District Medicaid as of July 2011. Of these, 136,003 were enrolled into managed care organizations (MCOs). Children and adults who qualify for Medicaid because they belong to an income-eligible family, as well as poverty level pregnant women and CHIP enrollees, […]

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  • 2014 NASHP CHIP Fact Sheet – Washington, D.C.  2012 NASHP CHIP Fact Sheet – Washington, D.C.  2010 NASHP CHIP Fact Sheet – Washington, D.C.  2008 NASHP CHIP Fact Sheet – Washington, D.C.  Additional States’ CHIP Fact Sheets… Adobe Acrobat .PDF printable versions of the Washington, D.C. NASHP CHIP Fact Sheets Key Highlights: Program Type: D.C. […]

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  • Federal Support: The District of Columbia has received a planning grant from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to develop a state plan amendment to implement Section 2703 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), establishing health homes for Medicaid enrollees with chronic conditions. To learn more about Section 2703 Health Homes, visit the CMS Health […]

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  • The PCO and PCA in the District together were able to document shortage areas and develop and implement the DC Health Professional Recruitment Program, a program that pays off the loans of health professionals who agree to work in DC. Also, they have had great success with the Medical Homes Initiative. By partnering with the […]

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  • In December 2006, the District of Columbia Council passed the Medical Malpractice Amendment Act of 2006, A16-0619, which became effective March 2007. The Act mandates three (3) reporting requirements effective July 1, 2007. The Health Regulation and Licensing Administration is currently in the process of drafting regulations. As of April 2009, interim guidelines are available […]

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  • The District of Columbia’s ABCD Screening Academy Project improves the quality and efficiency of health care services for children and families by improving state policy and supporting providers in the adoption of structured screening as part of well child care.  Currently, ABCD staff are partnering with stakeholders to improve linkages between primary care and other child […]

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