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  • The Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides states with some important tools that can be utilized to provide more continuous, adequate and affordable coverage for children with special health care needs (CSHCN). How the law is interpreted and whether implementation challenges are addressed with the unique needs of CSHCN in mind will shape how well the […]

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  • Based on six focus groups in three states, this paper details parent perceptions of the SCHIP program and includes a summary of feedback on why some families have not continued to enroll their children in the program. Part of a larger, seven-state study, the report pays special attention to issues of retention, disenrollment, and re-enrollment. […]

  • Based on focus groups and a telephone survey of nearly 4,000 parents, this report examines why eligible children have lost or lapsed SCHIP coverage. It also details parents’ overall satisfaction with SCHIP and with such program components as cost, access, and the renewal process. SCHIP_lose_or_leave.pdf 1.1 MB  

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  • This paper examines cost containment strategies in Medicaid and SCHIP and their potential impact on children enrolled in these programs. It is designed to help states think through cost control measures, the potential savings to be realized from such actions, and their impact on children and families. It identifies a menu of cost containment options […]

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  • SCHIP’s current period of authorization is scheduled to end after federal fiscal year 2007. As reauthorization nears, policymakers at both the state and federal levels have begun to focus on areas of concern within the program and to identify recommendations for reform and improvement. This issue brief summarizes the perspectives and recommendations of those who […]

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  • This paper reports on findings from a series of focus groups with parents of current and former SCHIP enrollees in Alabama, Nevada, New Hampshire, and New Jersey. The focus groups were designed to explore parents’ feelings about and experiences with cost sharing. The groups addressed the following topics: attitudes about paying premiums and copayments, opinions […]

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  • This April 2007 Issue Brief describes the current views of SCHIP directors on key issues being considered in the reauthorization process. While it does not capture all of the views of all of the states on all issues relevant to reauthorization, it represents the views of most states on issues of priority concern to them. […]

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  • This report looks at systems of tracking health care services and providers of care for children in foster care. It builds on a NASHP survey of health passport activity around the country and highlights innovative approaches. The report also analyzes the barriers to successful implementation and the implications of Medicaid HMO contracting on health passport […]

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  • This report summarizes recent research on early brain development, highlights innovative practices in Washington, Kentucky, North Carolina, and California, and offers concrete steps states can take to strengthen early childhood development services. Childhood Development Services 247.2 KB  

  • This State Health Policy Monitor examines the status of SCHIP dental benefits in the 39 states that have such benefits in their programs. The paper discusses the variations among states in covered services, cost sharing, and benefit caps. SCHIP Dental 177.9 KB  

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