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  • States can play an important role in improving care coordination and case management and strengthening linkages between primary care providers and other child and family service providers to promote and support the healthy development of young children.  States can use primary care practice-based strategies, service provider linkage strategies, and systems change and cross-system strategies. This […]

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  • The Puerto Rico ABCD Screening Academy Project built upon the efforts of the Puerto Rico-Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems (PR-ECCS) initiative to increase the number of providers implementing structured developmental screening for children ages 0 to 5 years old. The Administración de Seguros de Salud de Puerto Rico (ASES) implemented training sessions for providers and parents […]

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  • ABCD Resource Center

    The ABCD Electronic Resource Center is designed to provide state policymakers, primary care providers and other child and family service providers with easy access to research and resources that they can use to promote early childhood health and development.  The resources in this ERC confirm findings from the ABCD Consortia that there are three factors critical to success: […]

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  • What is the ABCD Program? The Assuring Better Child Health and Development (ABCD) Program is funded by the Commonwealth Fund, administered by NASHP, and designed to assist states in improving the delivery of early child development services for low-income children and their families by strengthening primary health care services and systems that support the healthy […]

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  • Early Childhood Services Costs, Financing, and Return on Investment ABCD states each endeavored (and still continue to do so) to improve the delivery of care to young children, mostly without seeking new appropriations, changing state law, or obtaining federal approval. States found that they could make improvements to care without new funding or legislation They accomplished […]

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  • As providers conduct more screening and identify more children in need of follow-up services, the weakness of the U.S. child-serving systems and inadequacy of linkages among providers becomes increasingly apparent.* It is clear that more must be done to improve referrals and assure access to services essential as follow up to screening. Promising approaches for […]

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  • The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) policy statement, Identifying Infants and Young Children with Developmental Disorders in the Medical Home: An Algorithm for Developmental Surveillance and Screening, recommends that developmental surveillance be performed at every preventive visit and that a screening tool should be administered at 9-,18-, and 24- or 30-month visits and for those […]

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  • Broad stakeholder participation helps improve the design of project models, encourages stakeholders to add resources to the projects, and builds support for program expansion, policy improvement, and practice change. Partnerships with providers and provider associations are crucial to obtaining provider acceptance and support. The creation of a state public/private partnership that explicitly includes pediatric provider […]

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  • Research demonstrates that children’s healthy development is essential to school readiness, academic success, and overall well-being. Services that support young children’s healthy development can reduce the prevalence of developmental and behavioral disorders that have high costs and long-term consequences for health, education, child welfare, and juvenile justice systems. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently […]

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  • The Alaska ABCD Screening Academy Project established a statewide stakeholder group, implemented the use of a standardized screening tool in several practices, and worked to identify and implement state policy improvements to support effective screening. Specifically, the ABCD Screening Academy project in Alaska improved structured developmental screening by: Recommending a revision in Early Intervention eligibility […]

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