Strategies for Payment Reform in States: Selecting Innovative Models

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States, in their capacities as payers, purchasers, and regulators, have a key role to play in shifting to payment structures that reward high quality care and reduce the volume incentives inherent in fee-for-service reimbursement. Payment reform, particularly when multiple payers work together, offers the potential not only for promoting value in health care but also for supporting new delivery models that better integrate providers and services and increase their accountability for defined populations. This webinar will examine the range of payment reform strategies available to states, and highlight approaches from two leading states. It will emphasize how these states chose their models with attention paid to differing political landscapes across states.


This webinar is the second in a multi-part NASHP series to help states that are ready to take the next step in thinking about multi-payer approaches to payment and delivery reform, moving beyond the medical home: the first webinar in this series can be viewed here. The series will focus on steps states can take and policy levers that are available to foster more integrated delivery systems. We encourage all states to participate, and to invite their key private stakeholders to join the discussion as well.  States that received a Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation State Innovation Models (SIM) grant should be ripe for the discussion, and we especially encourage SIMs teams to register.


Following the webinar, selected participating states will be invited to participate in a smaller virtual consultation with our featured faculty, Michael Bailit, and project staff around the issues raised in this webinar. This consultation will allow a deeper and more extended conversation for four to six states that are ready to take the next steps in pursuing multi-sector payment reform and fostering delivery system integration. States selected to participate will be asked to submit specific questions and discussion topics in advance to help structure the consultation.

Overview by: Anne Gauthier, Senior Program Director, NASHP
Laura Tollen, Senior Health Policy Consultant, Kaiser Permanente Institute for Health Policy

Presenters: Michael Bailit, President, Bailit Health Purchasing
Jeanene Smith, Chief Medical Officer, Oregon Health Authority
William Golden, Medical Director, Arkansas Medicaid Enterprise

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