Stocking the Shelves: Exchanges Work to Certify Health Plans

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Open enrollment is only months away, and health insurance exchanges are working to “stock their shelves” with health plans so that individuals and small businesses seeking coverage have options to choose from. This State Refor(u)m webinar will explore the key elements—benefit design, consumer protections, actuarial value, network adequacy, marketing requirements, accreditation, rates, and more—of certifying health plans for the exchange.


Three states, each with a different approach, will share their strategies:

  1. a state-based exchange that is actively negotiating with plans;
  2. a state-based exchange that is focusing on integrating the exchange into its larger vision for  quality improvement; and
  3. a federally facilitated exchange that is actively working with the federal government to certify plans.

Webinar questions for state panelists will include:

  • What approach is your state taking and what goals are you trying to achieve with its approach to certification?
  • Are you imposing any additional requirements on QHPs beyond the federal requirements?
  • What step are you on now and how many more steps to go before open enrollment?  Any advice for other states that are a bit behind where you are?
  • How is the exchange coordinating with the insurance department in your state and/or the federal government?

Tackling these issues will be panelists

  • Kevin Counihan, CEO, Access Health Connecticut
  • Nora Leibowitz, Chief Policy, Evaluation, and Research Office, Cover Oregon
  • Neil Woerman, Director of Information Technology, Kansas Insurance Department

They’ll speak after introductory and overview presentations by moderator Alan Weil, executive director at NASHP, and presenters Sonya Schwartz and Rachel Dolan, both of NASHP.


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