Where States Stand on Medicaid Expansion Decisions

*Map updated April 12, 2018*

This map tracks state Medicaid expansion decisions and approaches states are taking for expanding eligibility to 138 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). This map also includes information on state legislative activity around Medicaid expansion {1}, governors’ stances on the issue, and fiscal and demographic analyses from the state or other institutions. For states that are expanding Medicaid, but using an alternative to traditional expansion, the map also contains brief descriptions of these demonstration waivers.

For information about state proposals to implement Medicaid work requirements, see this chart.

Click on a state to view the status of Medicaid expansion, including:

Type of Expansion
Traditional: State is implementing Medicaid expansion as outlined in the ACA
Alternative to traditional expansion: State is using a demonstration waiver to expand Medicaid
N/A: State is not expanding Medicaid at this time

Governor’s Stance on Expansion
Indicates whether the current governor is against or supportive of Medicaid expansion

Legislative Activity
View state legislation introduced in 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014 related to expansion

Fiscal and Demographic Analyses
Includes state-specific analyses related to Medicaid expansion, conducted directly by a government agency, contracted out by the state to another institution, or conducted by organizations or institutions independent of the state

Know of something we should add to this map? Your feedback is central to our ongoing, real-time analytical process, so please leave a comment below or email acardwell@nashp.org.

Orange 18 states are not expanding Medicaid

Green 25 states (count includes the District of Columbia) are expanding Medicaid

Light Blue 8 states are expanding Medicaid, but using an alternative to traditional expansion

{1} This map provides a record of legislation introduced, but does not track the exact status of bills moving in state legislatures. Map is updated when bills pass chambers and/or are signed by the Governor.

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  1. Can you include award dates and vendors that have won these medicaid IES projects and the Medicaid populations by State? Also can you include contract sizes and failed projects as well.


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