Sign and Deliver: Using Technology to Speed up Eligibility & Enrollment

More and more states are seeking opportunities to use technology to simplify and streamline the Medicaid and CHIP application processes. Allowing families to submit and sign coverage applications electronically or via the telephone are a couple of ways to ease the documentation burden on families. States that have implemented electronic and telephonic signatures also report administrative cost savings and fewer procedural denials for a failure to return paperwork.

The Affordable Care Act requires states to accept applications online and by telephone, so using these tools can help states prepare for health reform implementation and increase program efficiency now. This webinar will explore how two Maximizing Enrollment for Kids state grantees, Alabama and Wisconsin, are using technology to reduce incomplete coverage applications and hasten enrollment for eligible individuals. Alabama will discuss how the state’s Medicaid and separate CHIP programs implemented its online application and accompanying e-signature. Wisconsin will share its experience and lessons learned in developing and operating its policy for allowing telephonic signatures for coverage applications.


  • James Jones, Deputy Medicaid Director, Wisconsin
  • Vicki Jessup, Chief, Policy Section, Wisconsin
  • Viki Brant, Director of Program Operations and Professional Services, Alabama
  • Gretel Felton, Director, Certification Support Division, Alabama
  • Donna Cohen Ross, Senior Advisor, Office of External Affairs, CMS


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