Roundtable Discussion: Buying Value Benchmarking Repository:  Helping States Use Non-HEDIS Measures in Value-Based Purchasing

Friday, August 17th
10:15 am – 11:45 am

States and other agencies have difficulty implementing non-HEDIS measures into value-based arrangements due to the lack of national benchmarks against which to assess, let alone reward, a provider’s, MCO’s or ACO’s performance.  This roundtable will provide a demonstration of the Buying Value Benchmark Repository suite of resources as well as a conversation on how to best leverage these resources to help states design incentive models that best fit their needs.  Included in the suite of resources is a Spreadsheet tool that contains data on state and regional health improvement collaborative performance on non-HEDIS or modified HEDIS measures and an online forum where states can engage with one another about quality improvement initiatives, benchmarking, measure selection, measure application, measures in development, and more.  For more information on Buying Value, visit