Renewal Strategies during the 2nd Open Enrollment Season

During the second year of open enrollment in marketplaces, for the first time states renewed current enrollees alongside new customers. Renewing coverage for existing enrollees is essential to avoid coverage gaps, but state approaches to renewals and re-enrollment in marketplace coverage varied. This chart looks at how states handled

Advanced Premium Tax Credits (APTC) and plan renewals for consumers already enrolled in a plan through the marketplace, as well as some of the resources states produced to educate consumers about renewal and enrollment options.
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States Type of individual marketplace Will the marketplace conduct auto-renewals for any QHPs? How are Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC) redeterminations being handled? Consumer renewal resources from states (notices, renewal packets, infographics, etc.)
Federally-Facilitated Marketplaces (FFM) & State Partnership Marketplace (SPM) States (AK, AL, AR, AZ, DE, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN, KS, LA, ME, MI, MS, MO, MT, NC, ND, NE, NH, NJ, NM, OH, OK, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WV, and WY) [1] FFM or SPM Individuals who did not return to had their current plan renewed or were renewed into similar plans effective January 1, 2015 (slides 5, 10-12). Autorenewed individuals were eligible for their2014 APTC amounts (slides 5, 11). Individuals who returned to shop for new plans on received a redetermination for APTC eligibility.
CA State-Based Marketplace (SBM) Yes, members who did nothing by December 15, 2014 (slide 21) are automatically renewed into the same plan and metal tier for 2015. Redeterminations are done for Covered California members returning to Covered California to renew and to those who took no action within 30 days of receiving a renewal letter (slide 21) from Covered California. Current enrollees are encouraged to consent to Covered California’s income verification for APTCs to be renewed.
CO SBM Yes, eligible enrollees who made no changes to their account by December 15, 2014 were automatically renewed into the same plan they had in 2014. Colorado automatically redetermines APTC eligibility for households that received APTC in 2014 with the necessary income information available through the federal system. Connect for Health Colorado Renewal Infographic,Connect for Health CO Redeterminations & Renewal FAQ,C4HCO Annual Plan Renewal Customer Walk-Through (slides 8-10)Time to Renew
CT SBM Yes, qualified individuals who did nothing before December 5, 2014 (slide 34) were renewed into the same or a similar plan (slide 31) as they had in 2014. Access Health Connecticut is performing 2015 APTC redeterminations with the data they have on file. If a consumer has not updated his or her information, he or she will be reevaluated with existing 2014 data. Access Health Connecticut Renewal Packet
DC SBM Yes, if an enrollee does not select a new plan or terminate their plan, DC Health Benefit Exchange (HBX) will automatically re-enroll that consumer into the same or a similar plan they had in 2014and a 60 day special enrollment period will be triggered on the first day of automatically enrolled coverage. DC HBX does redeterminations with the most recent information they have on file; consumers are encouraged to contact DC HBX with updates to their information.
HI SBM Yes, Hawai’i Health Connector automatically renews 2014 enrollees who take no action into the same or similar planwhere available for 2015. Hawai’i bases renewals on the information currently in their system and is encouraging enrollees to update this information online or by phone.
ID SBM Yes, Your Health Idaho automatically re-enrolled consumers in their same plan for the 2015 plan year if they did not pick a new plan before December 15, 2014. Your Health Idaho ran redeterminations for 2014 enrollees with APTC and sent out notices in early November 2014.
KY SBM Yes, if a consumer takes no action, Kentucky automatically re-enrolled eligible consumers in their 2014 plan if available in 2015. Kentucky advised consumers who did not have authorized data checks with the federal hub, that any payment assistance they received in 2014 was terminated effective December 31, 2014. These consumers were enrolled in their 2014 plan at full cost effective January 1, 2015. Redeterminations were conducted for consumers that have authorized data checks with the federal hub.
MD SBM Yes, but only in limited circumstances for non-subsidized QHP coverage. Because the state was transitioning to a new exchange system, Maryland required all 2014 enrollees to submit a new application in the new system to renew their coverage in order to receive financial assistance. Consumers who did not reapply by December 18, 2014 were auto-renewed into the same plan for 2015, but at full cost with no financial assistance. All consumers are being asked to reapply on the marketplace for a 2015 APTC determination.
MA SBM No, all eligible residents have to reapply through the new Massachusetts Health Connector system in order to be enrolled. All eligible residents have to fill out new applications for coverage to receive a determination of APTC eligibility and to receive coverage through Health Connector 2015.
MN SBM Yes, MNSure automatically renewed enrollees into the same plan they had in 2014 at the 2014 APTC levels if the enrollee did nothing by December 15, 2014. Additionally, Minnesota law requires consumers who do nothing be automatically re-enrolled in their 2014 plan. Individuals with plans no longer available on MNSure are automatically renewed by the insurance company with no APTC and at new 2015 premium rates. 2015 APTC determinations are triggered when a consumer takes action during open enrollment. If a consumer does nothing, APTC will be continued at 2014 levels. MNSure current enrollee noticeMNSure QHP Renewal Overview Reference Guide (for Assisters)
NV Federally-supported SBM Yes, Nevadans who did not re-enroll, by December 15, 2014, will be auto-renewed into a health insurance plan for 2015 that does not offer any financial assistance. Nevada only performs determinations and offers APTCs to those who re-apply through Nevada Health Link. Nevada Health Link 2015 Updates
NY SBM Yes, enrollees qualified for full administrative renewal are automatically re-enrolled (slide 8) into their 2014 plan for 2015 with enrollment effective January 1, 2015. Enrollees qualified for partial administrative review (slide 11)are not required to fill out a new application (slide 13) but need to actively select a plan to re-enroll. APTC redeterminations were performed for all 2014 enrollees for whom data was available through federal and state sources.
OR Federally-supported SBM No, all customers must renew through APTCs are available to qualified individuals through All non-Medicaid/CHIP consumers must apply through to receive APTC in 2015.
RI SBM No, all consumers are required to submit new applications through Health Source Rhode Island. Coverage took effect January 1, 2015 for plans selected by December 23, 2014. APTC determinations are only available through the 2015 plan year application. Renewal Packet
VT SBM Yes, unless additional information is needed, qualified enrollees will have the same plan they had in 2014 renewed for 2015. Vermont performed redeterminations based on the most recent information they have from consumers and will request more information if needed.
WA SBM Yes, eligible consumers who did not take action before December 23, 2014 were auto-renewed into the same plan or a cross mapped plan (slide 6). Annual eligibility redeterminations were automatically performed for the 85% of enrollees who approved access to federal tax information. Washington HealthPlanFinder Renewal Checklist,Washington HealthPlanFinder Renewal Timeline,Washington HealthPlanFinder Renewal Fact Sheet


[1] All federally-facilitated marketplace (FFM) or state-partnership marketplace (SPM) states follow the same procedure for renewals. This row includes information about renewal processes for these states