Meeting Presentations

Throughout the five years of the Maximizing Enrollment program, NASHP convened many meetings. Most of these meetings were designed for the participating eight states to share their experiences and lessons with each other as peer states. However, NASHP also held two national briefings that were webcast as well as held in person to share the participating states’ activities and lessons with all states and state and national stakeholders. Below are links to presentations from each of the three state-to-state exchanges that were held for the eight participating states to learn from each other, and the host state in particular, about a specific area of interest. Many may find the information within these presentations useful. The first state-to-state exchange was held in Louisiana to learn about retention strategies; the second was held in Massachusetts to discuss state health reform innovations; and the third was held in Utah to explore using technology to improve eligibility, enrollment and retention. Also below, are the links to the recorded national briefings that highlight the participating states’ program activities and lessons learned.

Maximizing Enrollment State to State Exchanges

2010 Maximizing Enrollment State to State Exchange in Louisiana

Presentations from this meeting highlight Louisiana’s retention strategies, early implementation of Express Lane Eligibility, culture change and more.

2011 Maximizing Enrollment State to State Exchange in Massachusetts

Presentations from this meeting highlight the innovations Massachusetts developed to implement their state health reform initiative in 2006, such as application web portal, electronic case record, engaging stakeholders and more.

2012 Maximizing Enrollment State to State Exchange in Utah

Presentations from this meeting highlight how Utah developed and use different systems aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness in determining eligibility and streamlining enrollment and renewal, as well as developing a pay for performance system for eligibility workers.

Maximizing Enrollment National Briefings

Maximizing Enrollment Under the ACA: Lessons from States
Co-hosted by NASHP and the Urban Institute
Live Event was held on December 17, 2013

Policymakers and the public are increasingly focused on how effectively states and the federal government will enroll the uninsured into coverage under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). Over the last four years, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Maximizing Enrollment program worked with eight states to transform state enrollment systems, policies and procedures for Medicaid and CHIP and to prepare for the ACA’s enrollment requirements. This briefing shared lessons learned that may be useful for state and federal policymakers as ACA implementation moves forward. Panelists will highlight state innovations that make enrollment faster, more efficient, and more effective, and will define realistic expectations for participation levels under the ACA. Susan Dentzer will moderate this panel discussion highlighting successful enrollment strategies in 2014 and beyond.


Eligibility and Enrollment System Redesign: Lessons Learned for Implementing the ACA
Live Event was held in December 2010

The Affordable Care Act presents dramatic opportunities and challenges for states in transforming eligibility and enrollment systems for existing public coverage as well as new subsidies that will be available through Exchanges. Over nearly two years eight states participating in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Maximizing Enrollment national program have focused attention and resources on their health coverage enrollment and retention systems. Building on an assessment of system strengths and weaknesses, these states have begun to implement new improvement strategies to streamline their systems. Lessons learned from their efforts to simplify processes, be more data-driven, develop technology to support client-centered systems, and promote a culture of coverage are relevant for other states which are working toward improved systems to successfully implement health reform.
This national briefing focused on these early lessons learned from the Maximizing Enrollment participating states that may help other states and federal policymakers in their efforts to redesign eligibility and enrollment systems to implement health care reform. Representatives from the National Program Office at the National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP) and three Maximizing Enrollment grantee states will share key themes to date and their experiences in the following areas:

  • Simplifying eligibility
  • Tracking and integrating coverage across multiple programs
  • Focusing on retention
  • Shifting to a culture of coverage