Opportunities and Recommendations for State-Federal Coordination to Improve Health System Performance: A Focus on Patient Safety

NASHP convened a roundtable of state and national health policy leaders in October 2009 to discuss opportunities for states and the federal government to develop congruent policies to promote patient safety.  This brief summarizes recommendations that emerged from that meeting.  Participants identified four criteria to use in selecting issues for state-federal coordination: (1) degree of readiness for change, (2) symbolic value and potential to send broad messages about priorities, (3) potential to avoid harm from non-aligned policies, and (4) potential for cost savings.  Considering these criteria, participants recommended three topics as especially worthy of future dialogue: reducing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), decreasing preventable hospital readmissions, and avoiding hospitalizations for ambulatory care-sensitive (ACS) conditions.

Patient Safety Brief 159.6 KB


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