New State Refor(u)m Webinar: Beyond the Expansion Decision: Tackling the Other Medicaid Changes in the ACA

State decisions about whether or not to do the Medicaid expansion have begun to unfold, but Medicaid has many other critical changes on its plate.  States have complex eligibility and enrollment, financing, benefit design and consumer assistance requirements to untangle, and 2014 is approaching quickly.
This State Refor(u)m webinar will provide a brief overview of these reforms and why they are important. We will then ask our state panelists to address questions like:
  • What progress have they made so-far in simplifying and automating enrollment and renewals?  What are some of the toughest remaining issues?
  • How are they coordinating state or federally facilitated health insurance exchanges to prevent coverage gaps?
  • Do they plan to roll out a Medicaid benchmark plan and what will it look like?
  • How do they plan to provide consumer assistance?
Matt Salo, Executive Director, National Association of Medicaid Directors
Alice Weiss, Program Director, National Academy for State Health Policy
Kaitlin Sheedy, Policy Analyst, National Academy for State Health Policy
Beth Osthimer, Director, Medicaid and Health Reform, Division of Coverage and Enrollment, Office of Health Insurance Programs, NY State Health Department
Linda Skinner, Director of Health Care Innovation Infrastructure Management Arizona Governor’s Office
John Supra, Deputy Director for Information Management and Chief Information Officer, South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

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