New Mexico

New Mexico participated in the ABCD Screening Academy as a “Setting the Stage for Success” grantee, a project designed to learn from and replicate the North Carolina ABCD Project model for integrating standardized developmental screening into well-child care visits.  Specifically, the ABCD Screening Academy activities  in New Mexico included:

  • Revising reimbursement policy to allow providers to bill the 96110 code when a objective, validated screening tool is administered. 
  • Proposing to the New Mexico Legislature that structured developmental screening be required under EPSDT.
  • Investigating the possibility of purchasing state access to Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) in both English and Spanish for use by all EPSDT providers.
  • Designing a poster series targeting both primary care and other child and family service providers working with young children and parents that promotes standardized developmental screening.
  • Sustaining and spreading improvement activities through grant proposals – one which will implement structured screening in 8 additional communities and the other which will enable practices participating in the Developmental Screening Initiative (DSI) to qualify as part of a pediatric quality improvement program.  By mplementing structured screening as part of well child care in this program, providers would meet Part 4 of required recertification guidelines for continued licensure as a pediatrician.     
Title Description Date Published Activity
Developmental Screening Initiative New Mexico Chart Audit Tool (and Evaluation Tool) (New Mexico ABCD Project) Chart audit tool used in New Mexico as a source for measurement data. Chart review is performed at baseline and one-month visits. December 2008 Gauging Success: Measurement and Evaluation