State Approaches to Medicaid Expansion

Many states began moving forward with their plans to expand Medicaid even before the Supreme Court’s 2012 ruling on the ACA. Other states have more recently decided to pursue expansion, with a number pursuing non-traditional Medicaid alternatives. This webinar will provide a closer look at the various ways states are expanding Medicaid to those who are newly eligible for the program. State panelists will discuss issues related to the expansion, including:

  • Coordination with state or federal marketplaces;
  • Education and outreach efforts for newly eligible individuals;
  • Benefit design and development of the Medicaid Alternative Benefit Plan;
  • Provider capacity needs for new and current enrollees; and
  • Implications and opportunities for delivery system reform

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Alan Weil, Moderator
Executive Director, National Academy for State Health Policy

Kaitlin Sheedy
Policy Specialist, National Academy for State Health Policy

Suzanne Bierman
Assistant Director, Arkansas Division of Medical Services, Director of Continuity of Care and Coordination of Coverage Unit

Jason Helgerson
State Medicaid Director, Deputy Commissioner, State of New York Department of Health

Beth Lazare
Deputy Director, Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System

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