New Jersey

The New Jersey ABCD Screening Academy project developed and built on public and private partnerships to promote screening using the medical home model, and focused on improving linkages between primary care providers and existing referral resources.

Specifically, the ABCD Screening Academy activities in New Jersey included:

  • Negotiating a contract between New Jersey Health and Senior Services and the Pediatric Council on Research and Education (PCORE) for a $125,000 grant to expand and strengthen medical homes in New Jersey and incorporate structured developmental screening into primary care. 
  • Providing the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ), staff time, resources and technical assistance to demonstration sites. 
  • Hosting ASQ trainings and informational workshops statewide, including building on partnerships with the Medicaid Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) who incorporated the topic of developmental screening into their EPSDT trainings. 
  • Facilitating collaboration between the demonstration site and Early Intervention (EI) staff to promote improved linkages. 
  • Sustaining and spreading improvement activities through several grant applications, one to replicate ABCD efforts with other primary care providers to implement structured screening and surveillance techniques as part of routine well health supervision within the context of a medical home and another for the early identification (screening) and referral of young children with autism including a 2 year subcontract for $91,000 to PCORE.


Title Description Date Published Activity
New Jersey’s ABCD Screening Academy Grant Baseline Chart Review

(New Jersey ABCD Screening Academy Project) Data from New Jersey’s sample chart review, using 5 charts each from 9 month, 18 month, and 30 month well-child visits.

December 2008 Gauging Success: Measurement and Evaluation