#NASHPCONF19 Speakers

Alphabetized by first name. Use Control + F to find a specific speaker.

Alana Knudson
Speaker Alana Knudson
Program Area Director NORC at the University of Chicago
Aletha Maybank
Speaker Aletha Maybank
Chief Health Equity Officer, VP American Medical Association
Alex Blandford
Speaker Alex Blandford
Program Director, Behavioral Health Council of State Governments Justice Center
Alfred Johnson
Speaker Alfred Johnson
Bureau Director Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Assisted Living
Alice Lind
Speaker Alice Lind
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Washington State Health Care Authority
Amir Bassiri
Speaker Amir Bassiri
Chief of Staff to the Medicaid Director New York State Department of Health
Ana Novais
Speaker Ana Novais
Deputy Director, Rhode Island Department of Health
Andy Mullins
Speaker Andy Mullins
Director, Center for Emergency Preparedness Alabama Department of Public Health
Ashley Billups
Speaker Ashley Billups
Legislative Assistant Oklahoma House of Representatives
Ben Steffen
Speaker Ben Steffen
Executive Director Maryland Health Care Commission
Beth Kuhn
Speaker Beth Kuhn
Chief Engagement Officer Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services
Beth Slamowitz
Speaker Beth Slamowitz
Senior Pharmacy Advisor Department of Health and Human Services
Beth Waldman
Speaker Beth Waldman
Senior Consultant Bailit Health Purchasing
Betsey Tilson
Speaker Betsey Tilson
State Health Director/Chief Medical Officer North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
Bob Russell
Moderator Bob Russell
Public Health Dental Director Iowa Department of Public Health
Brett DeLange
Speaker Brett DeLange
Chief, Consumer Protection Division Office of the Idaho Attorney General
Speaker Carissa Dougherty
Director Office of Mental Health Coordination, Texas Health and Human Services Commission
Catherine Kirk Robins
Speaker Catherine Kirk Robins
Deputy Director Maryland Citizens' Health Initiative
Speaker Chethan Bachireddy
Chief Medical Officer Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services
Chris DeMars
Moderator/Speaker Chris DeMars
Director - Transformation Center Oregon Health Authority
Chris Taylor
Speaker Chris Taylor
Chief Inclusion Officer State of Minnesota
Cindy Beane
Speaker Cindy Beane
Commissioner Bureau For Medical Services WV Medicaid
Clinton Lasley
Speaker Clinton Lasley
Director State of Alaska - Division of Alaska Pioneer Homes
Colleen Sonosky
Moderator Colleen Sonosky
Associate Director, Children's Health Services DC Department of Health Care Finance
Connor McDonnell
Speaker Connor McDonnell
Housing Integrator Oregon Housing & Community Services
Craig Nale
Speaker Craig Nale
Policy and Legal Director Office of the Maine Senate President
Daniel Tsai
Speaker Daniel Tsai
Assistant Secretary and Director of MassHealth Executive Office of Health and Human Services, Office of Medicaid
Daphnne Brown
Speaker Daphnne Brown
Director of Family Involvement / Outreach Families Together in NYS
Dave Richard
Speaker Dave Richard
Deputy Secretary, NC Medicaid State of North Carolina, Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Health Benefits
David Cassetty
Speaker David Cassetty
Deputy Commissioner Nevada Division of Insurance
David Crall
Speaker David Crall
Legislative Analyst Oklahoma Senate
David Huang
Speaker David Huang
Branch Chief National Center for Health Statistics, CDC
David Seltz
Moderator/Speaker David Seltz
Executive Director Massachusetts Health Policy Commission
Dawn Lambert
Moderator Dawn Lambert
Project Director Connecticut Department of Social Services
Dee Jones
Speaker Dee Jones
Executive Director North Carolina State Health Plan
Dena Stoner
Moderator Dena Stoner
Director, Innovation Strategy HHSC
Doug Thomas
Speaker Doug Thomas
Director Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health
Eileen Cody
Speaker Eileen Cody
Representative Washington State House of Representatives
Elisabeth Arenales
Speaker Elisabeth Arenales
Senior Policy Advisor Office of Governor Jared Polis
Ellie Hartman
Speaker Ellie Hartman
Project Manager Wisconsin PROMISE
Ellyson Stout
Speaker Ellyson Stout
Director Suicide Prevention Resource Center at EDC
Emma Chacon
Speaker Emma Chacon
Assistant Division Director Division of Medicaid and Health Financing, Utah Department of Health
Erica Guimaraes
Speaker Erica Guimaraes
Program Coordinator Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Erica Phillips
Speaker Erica Phillips
Federal Health, AM ESRI
Erin C. Fuse Brown
Speaker Erin C. Fuse Brown
Associate Professor of Law Georgia State University College of Law
Gail Propsom
Moderator Gail Propsom
Chief, Quality Management and Initiatives Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Gary Cohen
Speaker Gary Cohen
President and Founder Health Care Without Harm
Greg Moody
Moderator Greg Moody
Executive-in-Residence OSU John Glenn College of Public Affairs
Hazel Alvarenga
Speaker Hazel Alvarenga
State Opioid Coordinator Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System
Heather Sanborn
Speaker Heather Sanborn
State Senator Maine State Senate
Heather Winfield-Smith
Speaker Heather Winfield-Smith
Program Specialist Hawaii Department of Health Immunization Branch
Heidi Haley-Franklin
Speaker Heidi Haley-Franklin
Vice President, Programs Alzheimer's Association
Jackie Prokop
Speaker Jackie Prokop
Director, Program Policy Division MDHHS
Jaime King
Speaker Jaime King
Associate Dean and Professor of Law UC Hastings Law
James A. Clair
Speaker James A. Clair
Owner Clair Group of Companies
Jami Snyder
Speaker Jami Snyder
Arizona Medicaid Director, Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System
Jane Beyer
Speaker Jane Beyer
Senior Health Policy Advisor to the Commissioner Washington Department of Insurance
Jane Wishner
Speaker Jane Wishner
Executive Policy Advisor for Health and Human Services Office of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham
Jason Rachel
Speaker Jason Rachel
Director, Division of Integrated Care Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services
Jeremy Vandehey
Moderator Jeremy Vandehey
Director, Health Policy and Analytics Oregon Healthy Authority
Jessica Rhoades
Speaker Jessica Rhoades
Senior Health Policy Advisor Office of the Governor of Montana
Jodi Manz
Speaker Jodi Manz
Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Resources Office of Governor R. Northam
Joe Bryant
Speaker Joe Bryant
Health Policy Advisor OGOV - Delaware
Joe Flores
Speaker Joe Flores
Deputy Secretary of Finance Office of Governor Ralph S. Northam
John-Pierre Cardenas
Speaker John-Pierre Cardenas
Director of Policy and Plan Management Maryland Health Benefit Exchange
Johnnie (Chip) Allen
Moderator Johnnie (Chip) Allen
Director of Health Equity Ohio Department of Health
Julia Wacloff
Speaker Julia Wacloff
Chief, Office of Oral Health Arizona Department of Health Services
Speaker Karynlee Harrington
Executive Director Maine Health Data Organization
Kate McEvoy
Speaker Kate McEvoy
Director, Division of Health Services Connecticut Department of Social Services
Katie Gudiksen
Speaker Katie Gudiksen
Senior Health Policy Researcher The Source on Healthcare Price and Competition at UC Hastings College of the Law
Ken DeCerchio
Speaker Ken DeCerchio
Program Director Center for Children and Family Futures
Kevin Martin
Speaker Kevin Martin
Fee for Service Rates Manager Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing
Kierra Barnett
Speaker Kierra Barnett
Graduate Research Associate Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity
Leann Johnson
Speaker Leann Johnson
Director, Equity and Inclusion Oregon Health Authority
Linette Scott
Moderator Linette Scott
Chief Medical Information Officer CA Department of Health Care Services
Lisa Beauregard
Speaker Lisa Beauregard
Director of Home and Community Based Services Policy Lab Executive Office of Elder Affairs, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Margarita Alegría
Speaker Margarita Alegría
Chief, Disparities Research Unit Massachusetts General Hospital
Marie Zimmerman
Moderator Marie Zimmerman
Minnesota Assistant Commissioner/State Medicaid Director State of Minnesota
Mark Greenberg
Speaker Mark Greenberg
Senior Fellow Migration Policy Institute
Mark Schulz
Speaker Mark Schulz
LTSS Systems Consultant MN Department of Human Services
Mary G. McIntyre
Moderator Mary G. McIntyre
Chief Medical Officer The Alabama Department of Public Health
MaryAnne Lindeblad
Speaker MaryAnne Lindeblad
Medicaid Director WA State Health Care Authority
Marylou Sudders
Moderator/Speaker Marylou Sudders
Secretary Executive Office of Health & Human Services
Matthew Statman
Speaker Matthew Statman
Collegiate Recovery Program Manager University of Michigan
Megan O’Reilly
Speaker Megan O’Reilly
Vice President for Federal Health & Family Government Affairs Office AARP
Meredith Ray-LaBatt
Speaker Meredith Ray-LaBatt
Deputy Director New York State Office of Mental Health
Michael White
Speaker Michael White
Director of Community Programs Community Medical Services
Nicole Gastala
Speaker Nicole Gastala
Senior Director of Behavioral Health and Addiction, Clinical Physician Researcher UI Health Mile Square Health Center
Norm Thurston
Moderator Norm Thurston
Director of Health Care Statistics/Representative State of Utah
Paige Duhamel
Speaker Paige Duhamel
Healthcare Policy Manager State of New Mexico
Paul Precht
Speaker Paul Precht
Senior Advisor CMS
Regan Foust
Speaker Regan Foust
Director of Strategic Partnerships, Research Scientist Children's Data Network at USC
Regan Foust
Speaker Regan Foust
Director of Strategic Partnerships, Research Scientist Children's Data Network at USC
René Mollow
Moderator René Mollow
Deputy Director, California Department of Health Care Services
Richard Figueroa
Speaker Richard Figueroa
Deputy Cabinet Secretary Office of CA Governor Gavin Newsom
Richard Gottfried
Speaker Richard Gottfried
Chair, New York State Assembly Committee on Health
Robin Wagner
Speaker Robin Wagner
Deputy Assistant Secretary Louisiana Department of Health Office of Aging and Adult Services
Sabrina Corlette
Speaker Sabrina Corlette
Research Professor Georgetown University
Sarah Brummett
Speaker Sarah Brummett
Dir. Office of Suicide Prevention Colorado Dept of Public Health and Environment
Sarah Finne
Speaker Sarah Finne
Medicaid Dental Director NH Department of Health and Human Services
Shannon Bresaw
Speaker Shannon Bresaw
Program Director New Hampshire Governor's Recovery Friendly Workplace
Stacey Schubert
Speaker Stacey Schubert
Interim Director of Health Analytics Oregon Health Authority
Starla Ledbetter
Speaker Starla Ledbetter
Chief Data Officer California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development
Sue Kvendru
Speaker Sue Kvendru
Coordinator Minnesota Department of Human Services
Tara Murphy
Speaker Tara Murphy
Deputy Director, MassHealth DSRIP Statewide Investments Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services
Terry Cothran
Speaker Terry Cothran
Director Pharmacy Management Consultants
Thomas Novak
Speaker Thomas Novak
Medicaid Interoperability Lead ONC/CMS
Thomas St. Louis
Speaker Thomas St. Louis
Occupational Health Program Director Connecticut Department of Public Health
Tim Peterson
Speaker Tim Peterson
MPATH Project Manager Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services
Tisha Holmes
Speaker Tisha Holmes
Assistant Professor Florida State University
Tom Curtis
Speaker Tom Curtis
Quality Improvement and Program Development Manager Managed Care Plan Division, MDHHS
Vanessa Avery
Speaker Vanessa Avery
Associate Attorney General for Enforcement, Litigation and Investigations Connecticut Office of the Attorney General
Virginia Dize
Speaker Virginia Dize
Co-Director, NADTC (National Aging and Disability Transportation Center) National Association of Area Agencies on Aging
Wilmarie González
Speaker Wilmarie González
Bureau Director PA Department of Human Services