NASHP Leaders’ Summit: State Health Policy and the Next Administration

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As President Trump and the new Congress take office in 2017, fundamental changes to alter the health care system will be debated. States have been actively engaged in health reform, embracing changes to insurance markets, new investments and innovation in delivery system and payment reform, as well as public health and coverage expansions that have produced the lowest rate of uninsured in the nation’s history. Informed by that action, states stand ready to work with the federal government.

The National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP), a non-partisan organization of state health policy leaders, recognizes that extraordinary work is underway at both the state and federal level and among providers and other payers. Many groups will offer proposals to the new administration based on their considerable expertise but often with a narrow view aligned to a particular interest. NASHP convened leaders from across state governments, in both the executive and legislative branches, as part of a Summit to help identify cross-cutting issues that provide opportunities to advance health reform and transform our health system to one that lowers cost, rewards value, and improves health. Our belief is that improving health outcomes is more achievable when we align our talents and resources across multiple jurisdictions toward that common purpose.

We present here some key opportunities before the new administration that, if addressed, could maintain and accelerate state-based reforms in the pursuit of a higher performing health system and inform the current policy debate. Key opportunities include:

  • Support State Innovation Through Sustained Federal Support
  • Maintain Market Stability
  • Support Payment and Delivery Reforms
  • Improve Population Health Outcomes

We welcome the opportunity to work with the federal government to implement changes that will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the health care system by rewarding value, reducing the cost trajectory, and improving health.

Read the full brief here.

Following this Leader’s Summit, held in October, NASHP convened our Academy members in a national issues forum teleconference to update each other and discuss emerging concerns and opportunities. See the latest blog from Trish Riley.