NASHP Launches Center for State Rx Drug Pricing

The National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP), with support from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, today launched the Center for State Rx Drug Pricing. Building on the work of NASHP’s Pharmacy Costs Work Group over the past year, the Center will provide technical and strategic assistance to states, leverage legal and actuarial expertise as needed, distribute funding to a subset of states, and convene state leaders as part of a work group.

“Public pressure to address rising drug prices is mounting, and states can be laboratories to test ideas to lower that cost trajectory,” said Trish Riley, NASHP Executive Director. “NASHP will work with every state that wants to address the high cost of prescription drugs and convene states together to build capacity and learn from each other.”

As part of this launch, NASHP is requesting proposals from states for initiatives to develop and implement innovative approaches to contain the costs of prescription drugs. This is a multi-year project to assist state executive, legislative, and independent agencies and offices with prescription drug pricing policies.

The rising cost of prescription drugs has significant implications for state budgets, challenging not just Medicaid programs, but also state mental health programs, corrections departments, state employee and retiree health programs, and public university employee and teachers’ health plans.

In addition, the effect of prescription drug costs on commercial insurers carries implications for rate reviews carried out by insurance regulators, and for the integrity of the insurance markets in the states.

“The rising costs of prescription drugs puts pressure on the budgets of private citizens and governments alike,” said Riley. “We want to ensure there are options to continue providing the drugs people need at a cost that is affordable.”

Consumers in the U.S. spend more for life-saving and life-enhancing drug treatments than anywhere else in the world. The Center highlights work that looks beyond the strategies currently used in states to identify and develop new ideas that address the growing problem of prescription drug costs.

For more information visit The Center for State Rx Drug Pricing or to speak with one of our experts please contact Lesa Rair at


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