Models for Change Fact Sheet Series: An Overview of Pennsylvania’s Publicly Funded Insurance Programs

This summary is intended to assist professionals who work in systems serving children, such as juvenile justice and child welfare. For more information about Medicaid and its key concepts as they relate to the juvenile justice system, see A Medicaid Primer for Juvenile Justice Officials.

In Pennsylvania all children under age 18 have access to health care coverage through Medicaid, SCHIP, or private insurance. As of February 2008, 2,066,530 adults and children were covered under Pennsylvania’s Medicaid program and State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). Pennsylvania operates its SCHIP program separately from Medicaid. There were 1,898,153 adults and children enrolled in the Medicaid program and 168,377 children enrolled in SCHIP.  In federal fiscal year 2005, approximately $15.8 billion was spent for Medicaid services in Pennsylvania, and an additional $208 million was spent for SCHIP services.  (These figures include spending for both adults and children.) The federal government paid 54 percent of Medicaid expenditures and 68 percent of SCHIP expenditures.

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