Managed Care, Medicaid and the Elderly: The Florida Experience

Increasingly, states are turning to managed care to deliver health services to Medicaid recipients. In a 1994 survey of states conducted by the National Academy for State Health Policy, 16 states reported that they enroll elders in Medicaid managed care programs. A few states (Arizona, Minnesota, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah) require mandatory enrollment and others allow elders to voluntarily select a managed care plan. Still other states plan to include mandatory enrollment of SSI recipients in a subsequent phase of their programs (eg., Hawaii, Ohio, Oklahoma). In addition, states are in various stages of including long term services as part of a benefit package available through managed care. A number of states have developed explicit managed care initiatives – Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin. Other states are planning similar initiatives for elders (eg., Colorado, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Texas).

The studies in Arizona and Florida looked at the experience providing Medicaid acute and long term care through managed care networks.

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