Lessons from States on Advancing Evidence-based State Health Policymaking for the Effective Stewardship of Healthcare Resources

twitterAn evidence-based approach to policymaking enables states to direct health care resources toward the clinical care and health service delivery models most likely to deliver the results state health policymakers seek: better health outcomes through the efficient stewardship of public funds. As states face changing priorities and rising health care costs there is additional pressure to do more with less, making an evidence-based approach to health policymaking even more important for its ability to help states identify what works best in terms of clinical care and delivery models, and for which patients or populations. This brief and the accompanying resources provide states with actionable information on evidence-based policymaking including why states should work with evidence, key considerations for developing an evidence-based policymaking process, and strategies for engaging patients and consumers in this work.

The information in this brief is based on findings from a 20-month learning collaborative in which NASHP convened multiple agency teams from Alabama, Colorado, and Massachusetts. The learning collaborative focused on developing processes for evidence-based health policymaking with a specific focus on patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) and comparative effectiveness research (CER). The learning collaborative had three goals, with each state choosing to focus on one as the project evolved:

  1. Increase the use of evidence, specifically PCOR and CER, within health policy decision making
  2. Create a structure for inter-agency collaboration on the use of this research
  3. Develop a strategy for meaningful engagement of the patient in program and policy development

For more information on each state’s individual goals and outcomes from the learning collaborative please see the state factsheets below. For a list of databases and other resources for finding evidence, please refer to the chart below.

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Alabama Fact Sheet
Colorado Fact Sheet
Massachusetts Fact Sheet
Resources for Evidence-based Policymaking Chart