How to Slice the Pie? Market Segmentation

Thursday, August 22, 3:30 pm – 5 pm
Affordability remains a significant concern for consumers as premiums and deductibles continue to rise across all health insurance markets. Short-term limited duration plans, association health plans, and others compete for consumers, potentially leaving them with limited coverage and threatening to disrupt the risk balance for more robust coverage. This session explores how states are positioned to take a key role in optimizing their markets through regulation and pursuit of State Innovation Waivers. State health insurance and state-based marketplace officials share policies they are pursuing to preserve choice, affordability, and a healthy market risk.

Sabrina Corlette
Speaker Sabrina Corlette
Research Professor Georgetown University
John-Pierre Cardenas
Speaker John-Pierre Cardenas
Director of Policy and Plan Management Maryland Health Benefit Exchange
Jane Beyer
Speaker Jane Beyer
Senior Health Policy Advisor to the Commissioner Washington Department of Insurance