Health Reform in Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont: An Examination of State Strategies to Improve Access to Affordable, Quality Care

This issue brief was prepared by NASHP for the Maine Health Access Foundation to examine the progress of health reform in Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont and to compare these three states’ efforts. The brief was developed and written by Neva Kaye and Andrew Snyder.


The brief includes information on:


• An overview and summary of the reform in each state.
• Strategies to increase access to coverage used by the three states and how each state plans to administer its coverage options.
• Strategies to contain costs each state implemented, including many strategies designed to both contain cost and improve quality.
• Strategies to support consumer’s personal responsibility to obtain coverage, make healthy choices, and seek appropriate care.
• Strategies to incorporate employer coverage, or the roles these states created for business in the ongoing administration of the health reforms and the responsibility to help employees obtain coverage established in each reform

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