Health Care Price Transparency: Lessons from Three High Performing States

National media in recent months have featured the high and variable costs of common health care services. In this webinar you’ll hear from leaders in Virginia, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire on what they’ve done to address the issue and improve price transparency.

In a recent report, Catalyst for Payment Reform (CPR) and the Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute (HCI3) identified these states as among the highest performing in the nation when it comes to health care price transparency. After an overview of the issue from CPR and HCI3, the webinar’s discussion will turn to price transparency efforts in the three states, barriers they faced in reaching current levels of transparency, how challenges were managed or overcome, and other lessons for states interested in pursuing this work.


  • François de Brantes, Executive Director, Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute
  • Andréa E. Caballero, Program Director, Catalyst for Payment Reform
  • Áron Boros, Executive Director, Massachusetts Center for Health Information Analysis
  • Tyler Brannen, Health Policy Analyst, New Hampshire Insurance Department
  • Michael Lundberg, Executive Director, Virginia Health Information


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