Governance — Massachusetts

Governance in Massachusetts consists of an HIT Council (comprised of 4 representatives of government agencies and 5 private gubernatorial appointees), the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC), and the Massachusetts eHealth Institute (MeHI). MTC and MeHI are government instrumentalities.

The HIT Council will be responsible for approving contracts entered into between the MTC and organizations implementing the State HIE Plan, as well as for approving the use of funds within the eHealth Institute Fund for the implementation of HIE. The MTC will contract with implementing organizations to provide services as needed in support of implementation of the HIE Plan, it will certify implementing organizations to work with providers to adopt certified EHR systems and connect to the state-wide HIE, and it will contract with providers to provide program management support to promote EHR dissemination. The MeHI will prepare budgets for implementing the State HIE Plan and will develop a Program Management Office to manage operational activities necessary for compliance with federally funded programs.

Refer to pages 24-28 of the state Strategic Plan.