Finding and Keeping Eligible Populations: Transformative Tools for Tough Times

Many states have worked to ensure that people who qualify for Medicaid and CHIP enroll into those programs.  Despite these efforts, many who qualify remain without coverage.  Tough economic times only heighten the challenge as they require states to find and enroll newly eligible people despite budget cuts and hiring freezes.  Participants in this afternoon-only preconference will explore successful state strategies to enroll and retain vulnerable populations.  They will also learn about innovative tools some states are using to meet the challenges of doing more with less, such as online applications, electronic data-sharing, application assistance, retention strategies and outreach campaigns.



  • Becky Pasternik-Ikard, State Medicaid Chief Operating Officer, Oklahoma Health Care Authority
  • Darlene Hughes, Medicaid/CHIP Eligibility Policy Director, Louisiana Dept of Health and Hospitals
  • Carolyn Pitzi, Director of Outreach, Massachusetts Office of Medicaid
  • Cathy Caldwell, CHIP Director, Alabama Department of Public Health
  • Catherine Hess, Senior Program Director, Maximizing Enrollment for Kids; Senior Program Director, NASHP
  • Vicki Grant, Vice President, Southern Institute on Children and Families
  • Yvette Woodland, Medical Program Manager, Utah Division of Workforce Services


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