End of the Trail, or New Path? Health Insurance in the 21st Century – Coverage Track

Tuesday, October 24th

Amid uncertainty over federal changes to the insurance markets, state leaders are pondering what the future holds for coverage and insurance markets. Can coverage reforms help curb rising cost trends? Will greater flexibility with plan designs lead to improved choice or lower costs? Will uniform plan designs help shape the quality of coverage and care? Panelists reflect on emerging trends in coverage and how states can foster innovation in coverage, improve market stability, and lower costs.


  • Jessica Altman, Chief of Staff,¬†Pennsylvania Insurance Department
  • Thomas Betlach, Director, Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS)
  • Peter Lee, Executive Director, Covered California
  • Pam MacEwan, Chief Executive Officer, Washington Health Benefit Exchange
  • Lori Wing-Heier, Director, Alaska Division of Insurance, Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development