Where’s the Puck: A Discussion on Medicaid Expansion

During this discussion-based session at NASHP’s conference, state officials will share lessons learned, recent innovative approaches, and look ahead to consider potential changes in expanding Medicaid programs. This wide ranging conversation will offer insights for officials that have already expanded Medicaid, as well as for those considering embarking on expansion in the future by addressing a number of questions. While crafting their particular ‘flavors’ of expansion, to which state models did policymakers look? How have outcomes compared to expectations? Have states adjusted their strategies and goals based on experience and do they anticipate doing so in future?


One thought on “Where’s the Puck: A Discussion on Medicaid Expansion”

  1. Now that we are all back at our desks after an exciting conference, I’m interested in what you took away from “Where’s the Puck: A Discussion on Medicaid Expansion.” Are there any ideas that you will take back to your states? Are any states considering an 1115 Waiver to expand?

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