Population Health

The ultimate goal of health care is to improve and maintain people’s health and functional status. Population health goals are best attained through the coordinated efforts of the public health and personal health systems. The prevention and public health components of the ACA represent a fundamental shift from public health as an afterthought, subject to annual appropriations in competition with the more visible personal health services, to a core, sustained investment. The ACA creates a federal office to coordinate strategy, establishes grants to address public health issues, and promotes preventive care – all critical elements of achieving equitable health outcomes for the population.


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    A new blog from RWJF shows that states that spend more on social services relative to health care have better health outcomes on average. Has your state seen an impact from spending on health-related social services such as supportive housing and nutrition support? How are state policymakers coordinating funding streams to address upstream social determinants of health?

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    As part of federal efforts to fight Zika, this recent CMCS bulletin allows Medicaid to cover over-the-counter insect repellent when prescribed by an authorized health professional. Is your state reimbursing for repellent? Tell us about your state’s innovative Zika response efforts here.

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      It is encouraging that CMS is providing some coverage for insect repellent. Unfortunately, the majority of the federal government’s response to date has focused on detection and treatment. Some local health departments are actively addressing prevention and control, http://www.phf.org/news/Pages/Zika_Preparedness_and_Response_Using_Quality_Improvement_Tools_and_Processes.aspx, with little funding to support those activities. At the end of the day, if we truly desire to combat Zika, it is critical to start with prevention and control. It is past time for Congress to allocate funds so that states and communities can effectively prevent and control Zika.

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    Interested in state Accountable Communities for Health (ACHs) models? Visit the discussion, “Advancing Health through Accountable Communities,” to learn more and share your state’s efforts!

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