From A to Zika: Are You Prepared for This Disease…and the Next One?

A panel at the NASHP conference will feature state perspectives on public health preparedness and outbreak investigation policies, including strategies for navigating the political and media messaging challenges that can accompany emergencies and outbreaks.

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3 thoughts on “From A to Zika: Are You Prepared for This Disease…and the Next One?”

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    The latest NASHP E-News includes a blog about Zika and infectious disease preparedness and response in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas, which recently announced its first local case of Zika likely transmitted by mosquitoes. How is your state responding to Zika?

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      This November 28 press release from the Texas Department of State Health Services describes the first case of suspected local Zika transmission in Texas, and the state’s increased surveillance efforts. Texas Medicaid also temporarily reinstated the insect repellent benefit for eligible beneficiaries as a result of the suspected local transmission of Zika by a mosquito in Texas (see

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